A Message from Jaden


Hello, and welcome to Jaded. In 2004, I popped out of my 9-month hotel. 15 years later, I moved to small rural town in Alabama called Attalla, and I attended high school in Walnut Grove. I loved every second of it. We all know what high school is like. Well, the fun side of high school. I graduated with honors and a 3.5 GPA. I'm always doing side projects and side quests. I make music as a hobby (it was actually pretty popular, and I made a name for myself) I invest, gamble (don't gamble), develop video games, and a whole lot more.

After I graduated in 2023, I had my town in a head lock. Major connections, viral videos, basically a cult-like following that I keep entertained with the wildest stories, videos, and my witty sense of humor. Anyways, the world is getting more expensive. Inflation, rising prices, yet we all love our new tech, clothes, shoes, the whole shebang. And with Alabama being one of the lowest income states, I created Jaded. Not just for me. For the ones who supported me when I was at my lowest. Low prices on anything and everything. And hopefully not just for those who know me personally. For those who just discovered this site, whether it be by word of mouth, someone you know, or maybe in the future, Jaded goes worldwide. Whatever the case may be, shop around, and have fun👋